The Department of Tourism Service Quality Training Project

2015-05-26 09:33:23

In an endeavour to promote tourism to diversify the economy of Botswana, The Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism has partnered with the Botswana National Productivity Centre to improve the tourist customer experience throughout major tourist footprints in Botswana since 2010. This project is aimed at improving customer service in targeted areas. To achieve this major critical service touch points were identified and enrolled in this project. These identified footprints include; ports of entry (borders) targeting Department of Immigration; Botswana Police Service; Botswana Unified Revenue Services Staff; Filling stations; Department of Veterinary Services cordon gates along major routes and selected Public transport operators. Personnel from all these mentioned critical foot prints were taken through rigorous service quality training with the expectation that at the end of the training, the participants will be expected improve service at within their respective tourist area. It is expected that post training, participants be able to:

  1. Demonstrate ability and skills to deal with customers in a polite and helpful manner in incidents such as customer enquiries, equipment faults, lost property and spillage.
  2. Demonstrate skill to attend to customer needs and enquiry's without delay.
  3. Demonstrate ability to anticipate customer requirements in advance.
  4. Demonstrate successful implementation of service improvement initiatives at their respective work places though the development and documentation of processes and standards

This project is on its third cycle and has been successfully implemented within time and budget and with unprecedented participant satisfaction levels through all the three cycles. Service Improvement initiatives in the respective participant establishments have been observed through follow ups.