The Botswana National Service Excellence Framework (NASEF)

2015-05-26 13:43:24

Service Quality, more often referred to as customer service, is one of the critical areas underpinning the productivity and hence competitiveness of firms and nations.

The Global Competitiveness Report has for some years now ranked Botswana poor in the factor "Degree of Customer Orientation". Degree of customer orientation is defined as, how well organisations treat customers; considerations of customer needs and satisfaction; and responding promptly and respectfully to customer complaints and requests;.


(Botswana ranking in bold)
2011/2012 108 / 142
2012/2013 105 / 144
2013/2014 121 / 148
2014/2015 132 / 144
Source: WEF reports 2011-2015

The report also notes that the presence of demand conditions such as demanding customers, forces companies to be more innovative and customer oriented; this in turn imposes discipline necessary to be achieved in the market. The growth of firms, especially commercial firms, in Botswana is paramount to economic development, and the Country's ability to compete regionally and globally.

In response to this problem, The Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC) has partnered with Service Quality Centre in Singapore to develop "The Botswana National Service Excellence Framework" (NASEF). This framework will serve as a guide to all organisations in providing a systematic way of improving their service cultures. The Development of the framework involves the development of National Service Standards that depict the "Service Quality Identity of Botswana", as well as the performance criteria expected against these standards. This will be followed by the alignment of firm or organization level strategies to national level strategies and standards which will ultimately create a Customer Experience DNA for Botswana.


The National Service Excellence Framework presents itself as a holistic approach to transforming the national service culture in a suitable and sustainable way.

Key Deliverables

  1. A complete framework with detailed service performance criteria
  2. A set of Service Experience DNA demonstrating Botswana's service identity; Confirmed and endorsed by the National Service Excellence Committee
  3. Actionable Plans to ensure effective roll-out of the National Service Excellence Framework, and Service Experience DNA
  4. Trained and Well equipped assessors / consultants
  5. Knowledge transfer to assessors / consultants throughout the country
  6. National Service Excellence Awards