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The Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC) was established through an Act of Parliament in December 1993 as a Parastatal with a tripartite board comprising of representatives from government, employers' and workers' organisations together with a few stakeholders. 

The statutory mandate of the BNPC is to enhance the level of productivity awareness as an advocacy function and to enable individuals and organisations through training and consulting to be productive and competitive.  The enablement process involves assisting organisations.Click here for more information

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Productivity Awareness & Advocacy 

The Productivity and Quality (P&Q) Awareness Programme is the advocacy  department of the Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC/the Centre). The objective of the P&Q Programme is to promote the adoption of productivity best practices in Botswana. The Programme also advocates for the improvement of the quality of Botswana’s workforce to enhance the country’s global competitiveness. Read More

Enterprise Support Services 

The Enterprise Support Programme (ESP) has worked together with a large number of local and regional institutions, public and private in strengthening their capabilities to deliver. These high level interventions include, consulting, coaching and training. 

Public Sector Reform

The Programme focuses on performance and productivity improvement approaches for the Public Service. These include target training and consulting interventions on: Leadership development needs analysis - Analysis of the current situation, performance challenges and gaps - Strategic focus and goal setting - Performance measurement and action planning - Support for performance reviews. 


The BNPC, through the Research and Measurement (R&M) Unit, conducts research on productivity and related areas. Such research is central to understanding productivity leverage points and logjams, with the intention to guide policy decisions. 

Consulting & Training

The Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC) carries out its mandate through, among other things, provision of training and consulting interventions across all sectors of the economy. These interventions, which are part of the opportunity identification step to solution delivery, have been successful both in terms of identifying major challenges for organizations and designing and implementing best of breed solutions. Click here for more…